Corptocracy At Its Worst.

Imagine that you are a business owner. Let’s say that you found a new way to supply electrical power to a community using car sized batteries that recharge using Earth’s own magnetic field. Everyone in the community wants and needs your product so you incorporate and begin to sell and service these batteries. You realize quickly that you have a high demand product; so you decrease the supply, increase the price by a few hundred percent, and start downgrading the quality of the components to make yourself and your shareholders super rich. Then customers start to complain about side effects, price gouging, and battery failures. In a moment of wizardry, you create a narrative that somehow justifies your defense of the corporation thereby convincing your customers that these problems arose outside of your control. Then tragedy strikes and people actually die as a result of your product. In a desperate power move, you blame a fall guy and declare bankruptcy. But your crowning achievement comes when you beg the government to bail your corporation out…. after all, the people must have what you are selling.

Let me ask you dear readers, if this scenario happened to you do you think you could pull off the bailout? Or do you think, as I do, that you would be pounced on by every law enforcement and alphabet agency in our country? Hmm.

Now let’s look at PG&E. California public officials have blamed them for the recent deadliest wildfire in state history. Of course, the corporation recently filed bankruptcy along with forecasting higher customer rates. And they have been bailed out in the past, like in 2003 when 17 executives received a combined $83 million in bonuses courtesy of taxpayers. PG&E is lobbying for a bailout yet again. I guess it’s because the Rothschild owned utility really needs the money.


One thought on “Corptocracy At Its Worst.

  1. You forgot the (punishment of the) coming blackouts, when the Santa Anna winds come up again, so they have to cut off power to prevent being blamed for more fires…

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