10 Guidelines To Behave Towards Our Kids

1. Apologize to children when you are wrong.

2. Do not assume you’re smarter than a child simply because you’re older.

3. Say thank you to children when they do something for you or others.

4. Admit when you’ve made a mistake and admit it openly to them.

5. Listen to children, avoid to neglect them at all cost.

6. Be sure to set boundaries for acceptable behavior.

7. Lead by example.

8. Teach and practice compassion, kindness and love.

9. Explain to them that actions have consequences good or bad.

10. Let them see that you enjoy watching and nurturing them.



New Research Reveals Some Secrets Behind Ketamine’s Ability To Treat Depression

Ketamine, once used frequently as a battlefield anesthetic during wartime and more recently as a club drug, has found new acclaim in its use to treat depression. Scientists and medical professionals have documented Ketamine’s ability to alleviate depressive symptoms in just hours, but didn’t really understand how it worked. Now new research hints at revealing the secret mechanism of action. In the most recent study, mice were injected with a stress hormone and then recorded exhibiting depressive symptoms such as refusing to eat in addition to recording the loss of synaptic connections in their brain. The mice were then given a dose of ketamine as investigators recorded surprising brain changes. The synaptic connections previously recorded, started to repair themselves after only twelve hours. In addition to repaired neuronal connections, the depressive symptoms that the mice had shown disappeared almost instantly. Ketamine therapy holds great promise in being able to quickly treat suicidal thoughts and depression, and this research helps uncover its secrets.



I’m Baaaack😁

Has it truly been four years since I last posted? The older I get the more I understand the concept of time flying by. Mathematically it makes sense. One year to a ten year old is 1/10th of their life while one year to a 50 year old is a mere 1/50th. So when I say that it doesn’t feel like I’ve been away from this blog for four years, I mean it.

So much has happened in my life in the interim and I have so much to talk about. Over the next few weeks, I will be posting about chronic pain including the radical shift in treatment by the medical establishment, the awakening of our conscious mind and abilities as a collective and individuals, the rise of alternative media and it’s role in our use of critical thinking and discernment, the obvious failure of many of our systems and efforts being made to create a world most of us want to live in, and finally the growing body of evidence and anecdotal stories that demonstrate alternative and complementary mental health treatments are starting to get true acceptance. Whew, and that’s just to start!

Bottom line, you can call me crazy but I believe now more than ever that we are on the cusp of a huge change in our way of life here on this little blue planet. Stay tuned and buckle up because it’s going to be a wild ride from here on out.

A Story for the Ages

Did you ever come across a person who touched your soul…..who you just KNEW was one of the people God puts here on Earth to make the journey of troubled souls just a little bit easier….. but never even met them in person? Well I have. And that person is Rara. Here is a story by one of her myriad fans. Her tale truly is a story that must not die.

Stories that Must Not Die

Rarasaur - Founder Rarasaur – Founder

When I first met Rara from Rarasaur.wordpress.com, I was so jealous.

Here was a blogger who just started blogging before I did, and she was already Freshly Pressed with a truck load of active followers. Then whenever I toured the blogosphere, her icon appeared everywhere–in the comment sections, in guest-posts, in awards of every shape and color, and in “favorite blogger” posts. Who was this person?

Then I met Rara. First, I participated in her International Label Day. She emailed me and we started a conversation. This lead to an interview with her. Then she designed the logo for Bloggers for Peace for FREE. Then she made peace cat images for FREE. Then she helped edit an ebook that I was working on for FREE.

peace cat Peace Cat Rara did for FREE

You get the picture. Rara is one generous, loving, compassionate person. I love her, her family…

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