Of Geoengineering And Poisoning Of Our Food Supply

The following is an excellent article that truly needs to go viral. It offers preliminary evidence that our crop supply is being poisoned and seeks to find the culprit. I will offer a possible culprit here….weather warfare otherwise known as Geoengineering. This would explain why certain areas that are not near the usual suspects such as coal plants can still produce crops with elevated levels of heavy metals. Eyes open friends, question everything. Keep on going!



A Different Twist On The Opioid Epidemic….Part 2

Mainstream media is a complete propaganda apparatus whose main objective is to hide the most basic truths about how this world really operates. Don’t we all now on some level know that this is true? Be honest, isn’t the above sentence resonating somewhere inside you with a felt sense that this is correct? If you don’t agree with the first sentence that I wrote here, then what comes next is going to sound like complete madness and turn you off. If you do feel that it has a ring of truth to it, then what comes next will make you just mad…as in angry. Because one of the hidden truths being kept about how things on our little blue planet we call home really work is the unseen hand behind the entire opioid crisis. Mainstream media is not going to tell you this truth, but I will try.

” The greatest error in life is to assume your knowledge of the truth is the same as the truth itself.”

What’s the best way to deliver propaganda? Pretend to be a group that is fighting against it. What’s the best way to keep your secret agenda from being uncovered? Incessantly repeat that the problem is being caused by someone else. Anyone who needs to see proof that this is true needs only to read through the declassified documents about psychological warfare operations on any of the intelligence agencies websites.

So quite a bit has been reported in the mainstream media about the role of big pharma and pharmaceutical distribution companies in the current opioid crisis. I’m not saying that there aren’t unscrupulous doctors out to make a quick fortune by unethically prescribing narcotics. There definitely are doctors like that in addition to unscrupulous pain clinics. They are definitely wrong in their actions and should be held accountable. I’m also not saying that there aren’t various cartels, etc keeping the pipeline of illegal opioids such as heroin and fentanyl flowing freely because there are. But have you noticed who actually gets held accountable for their role in this epidemic? It’s the middle to lower players in the pyramid….not the top. Why is that? Several deeply researched expose’s have been generated about the supposed top players such as cartel and pharma bosses, but has anyone seen the head of Purdu Pharma criminally prosecuted? Or anyone else of that stature? Big pharma gets fined and cartel leaders amazingly evade all efforts by law enforcement. Why is that? Perhaps examining recent history from the 1980s will give us a clue.

Let the data lead the investigation, not propaganda. During the crack and cocaine epidemic of that generation, many people lost their future through death or prison. Whole communities and families were ripped apart, very similar to what we see happening in this current crisis. Sure, the powers that be declared a war on drugs and arrested many people. But then several whistleblowers and reporters started coming forward and presenting a bigger picture. They claimed at the very top of the pyramid of that epidemic sat a shadowy group comprised of CIA operatives, military intelligence officers, and major multinational corporate leaders. Of course mainstream media and our government officially denied these claims, all while vilifying gangs and weak minded users as the responsible parties. Yet strangely enough, those individuals claiming that it was all a conspiratorial cover-up are today either deceased under unusual circumstances or have totally disappeared. Why would the establishment need to silence these people if there was no truth to their claim? An LAPD detective lost his job and then suddenly vanished after coming forward with testimony about the CIA involvement in the drug game in South Central LA. An award winning journalist and author published his research into the driving forces behind the crack and cocaine scourge only to be found dead of gunshot wounds to the back of his head…. somehow ruled a suicide? If Murder Inc. shows up and silences a dissenting voice like those I mentioned, odds are that deceased soul was speaking the truth!

So if we look at what is taking place today with the current opioid crisis, we have to step back and use our discernment to try to get to the real heart of the matter. Is this really just a case of corporate greed run amok? Or is it in fact a dedicated effort to destroy the middle class, reduce population, and create unwitting slaves? Who really is benefitting from this epidemic? From where I sit, the establishment is doing quite a bit of finger pointing and talking about “winning the war”, but not taking any meaningful action. In fact right now, the number one recovery solution being offered to individuals who want to stop taking opioids is Suboxone and other brands of similar medication assisted treatment that are in fact opioids themselves!! Alternative methods of recovery are barely covered, if at all, by insurance yet Suboxone is covered. I am only giving my personal opinion on this one but how is substituting one opioid with another type a real solution? It doesn’t make common sense to me. This then causes me to pay attention to the so called conspiracy theorists who claim that the unseen hand behind this current crisis is in fact the heads of the top multinational corporate conglomerates otherwise known as the cabal or deep state. They claim that this elite powerful group is actually the ultimate in organized crime rings whose belief system is that they are saving the planet by reducing the population and controlling the “sheeple”. And let’s face it, the amount of money generated by the drug trade both legal and illegal is staggering and certainly would give the group at the top an immense amount of power.

I act as if that belief is true. And yet, I’m open to being wrong. I will continue to explore and research claims and evidence related to this theory, and if that evidence is compelling, I will change my stance accordingly.

In the pursuit of truth, we always have the right to change our mind’s, and should, if we discover a greater truth.

Stay tuned for Part 3……….

CoreysDigs.com 11-24-18… “Arkansas Swamp Bleeds as Clintons Circle The Drain” (or, “Yes, arrests really ARE happening…)

The 60,000 plus sealed indictments are finally starting to crack open. Pain is coming.

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…but don’t expect to hear about them on CNN NBC ANC CBS MSNBC. Several people and articles and videos have mentioned this one (BF, iPOT (I think), AndWeKnow) and this journalist (Corey Lynn) who is documenting many of the things going on around the Clintons and the (in)famous “Clinton Foundation”.

As her web page says “Content is protected” when try to copy and paste, I’m only posting a couple highlights (yes, I did find a way to copy those), and not the full article.

Arkansas Swamp Bleeds as Clintons Circle The Drain

[Note: PFH = Preferred Family Healthcare (PFH), “…a community-based health care organization that offers a range of services in over 100 locations…”]

“Many have read sprinkles of press releases from the justice department regarding arrests and indictments coming out of Arkansas, but few have observed the magnitude of this swamp creature and all…

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