We Are Entering An Unprecedented New Period Of History

Part One of a Four Part Series

The Post Truth EraHow do you define truth? Do you believe that what you see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears is the reality that you live in? Do you trust your senses as tools of verification of the truth? For most people, truth is a statement about the way they perceive the world. The ultimate definition of truth has always been elusive, but in today’s world the challenge is monumental.
Enter the era of deep fakes. Artificial intelligence has advanced to the point that distinguishing between real and virtual can be near impossible. News reports have confirmed that the technology exists to create realistic cyberspace fake people, complete with background biographies, and it has already been deployed. In similar fashion, technology can now take a mere 90 second snippet of your voice or recording of your likeness and generate audio and video files that are close to indistinguishable from the flesh and blood “real thing”.
This is the start of a simulated 3-D environment that will defy your innate senses and have us all questioning what is real. Welcome to the post truth era…where almost anything can be faked and total techno control over reality is closer than you think.


Thoughts and Musings Welcomed!

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