Many Small Voices On The Cycle Of Abuse

We MUST continue to educate everyone on the impact of domestic abuse, the warning signs of abuse, and the resources available to help victims. This is one small effort I make to help that goal be achieved. If you do not now follow or read the blog that this post originated from, I highly recommend you check it out! It has great stuff written by great people trying to make a great difference!

Many Small Voices: Speaking out about domestic abuse


Abuse isn’t always easy to recognise. Many victim of abuse are confused and have been conditioned to believe that the abuse is normal behaviour.

Some abuse is subtle (discounting or belittling) and some abuse is overt and quite obviously abuse (hitting, punching or locking you in a room). Abuse does not have to be physical to be recognised as abuse,  all form of abuse are damaging, frightening and confusing for the victim.

Here is a checklist of abusive behaviours.

This list is by no means exhaustive, as each relationship is different, but it gives an idea of the most common behaviours of abusers. If you think you’re in an abusive relationship please get help as soon as possible. There is a list of helpful organisations on the resources page.

Verbal Abuse

  • Ignore your feelings
  • Disrespect you
  • Ridicule or insult you then tell you its a joke, or that you have…

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  1. Thanks! I’m following now!

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