10 Guidelines To Behave Towards Our Kids

1. Apologize to children when you are wrong.

2. Do not assume you’re smarter than a child simply because you’re older.

3. Say thank you to children when they do something for you or others.

4. Admit when you’ve made a mistake and admit it openly to them.

5. Listen to children, avoid to neglect them at all cost.

6. Be sure to set boundaries for acceptable behavior.

7. Lead by example.

8. Teach and practice compassion, kindness and love.

9. Explain to them that actions have consequences good or bad.

10. Let them see that you enjoy watching and nurturing them.



The 8 People You Need In Your Life

I was directed by a reader to the following fabulous article by Jessica Hagy in Forbes magazine. After thoughtful consideration, I felt it was important and interesting enough to share. Naturally, I feel the urge to add my own personal nominees to the authors list and transform it to the Eight People You Need In Your Life. Sadly, I have yet to conquer my crazy need to take something great and try to make it even more comprehensive. That confession being stated, here are my own additions first (minus the illustrations) followed by Jessica’s article.  Continue reading