Little Known, All Natural Secret Treatment For Depression

I Got Major Depressive Disorder

I Got Major Depressive Disorder (Photo credit: Jean Big Cat)

I have battled the beast otherwise known as major depressive disorder for a decade or so now. During my battles I did extensive research on treatments for this debilitating condition and consulted with many professionals. I met with dietitians and nutritionists. I met with spiritual counselors, I joined a support group…..which turned out to be a triggering  and numbing experience for me personally. I had, and still have, many sessions with psychologists. I was treated by psychiatrists. I considered whether I should have ECT therapy….. otherwise known as electric shock…… after several courses of several different anti-depressive medications seemed not to work. At one point, one of my treating doctors had me on a regimen of medications that included an SSRI, a tricyclic antidepressant, an antipsychotic, an anti-anxiolytic, and gabapentin. Within six or seven weeks of this regimen, I developed a pretty severe reaction called serotonin syndrome that put me in the ER.

Finding a treating psychologist that is a good fit for you is a tricky thing in my experience. It has a lot in common with finding a mate. It takes a bit of time to figure out if you are a good fit.  Just like dating, some things look pretty and shiny and wonderful on the surface, but as the layers peel back over time, you find some behaviors or thought processes that are deal breakers……you just aren’t the right fit. For some people they find the right fit on the first or second try. With me, it took five. It seemed like it took forever and I was ready to give up hope on the whole thing. But number five was THE ONE. And his advice and guidance has been more precious to me than any diamond ring. While helping me address and process the trauma and issues that are my life in a way that will lead to my maximum return to health, he has passed on to me some real gems. So many of these things in hindsight seem so obvious……the kind of “duh, why didn’t I think of that” obvious. And I am about to share one of them with you.

As a firm advocate of holistic healing, he understood my strong dislike of taking psychotropic medication.  But he also knew that I was  struggling with strong suicidal ideation and very scared of my own mind. During the course of one of our sessions, he told me that a wise old guru once shared with him that when a person feels down, what they need to do most is go give back. The worse one feels, the more depressed one is, the more urgently they need to go volunteer. They need to help someone else who is struggling. His prescription to me that day…..immediately go do something nice for someone who was suffering and expect nothing else in return. And you know what?…..This RX is one that really works.

During the eight years before getting this prescription, I had not heard or read of this idea once before. But it seems so natural. What a concept! If you are feeling down…..force yourself to get out from under your covers and go give back. Not only will you receive the blessed feeling of doing something good, it will naturally lead you to contemplating gratitude. Practicing gratitude flips a metaphorical switch in your brains thought processes for the positive. You will be amazed the power that a smile to a random person holds. I know I was, and continue to feel this way .  I find that something Tony Robbins says quite a bit holds true in my life…..if you look at the ceiling and smile and laugh…..even if you are forcing it… is practically impossible to feel bad in that moment. While it is virtually impossible to look up and smile every minute of every day…..doing something to help someone else on a daily basis is much more attainable and gives you the same results.

So please go share this “secret”treatment…..dare I even say for some a cure……for depression. Give it a try and tell everyone you know. Let’s make this the worst kept secret ever. Keep on going!


Why Do I Need To Take Psych Meds If I Don’t Want To?

Meds (song)

Meds (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am writing this unusually short post in response to several emails I have received in the past 48 hours. The question being asked is “My doctor wants me to take X (substitute X with any of the psych meds available by prescription) and I don’t want to. Should I take it?”

Here are my thoughts on this…..First let me state for the record that I am not a doctor of medicine. Second, I don’t know what I don’t know…..and that pertains to the reader’s life circumstances and the acknowledgement that I am not an expert in pharmaceuticals. With that said, here is my answer. NO! Did everyone hear that? NO!!! Why? Because if YOU have concerns, you should feel free to discuss these concerns with  the prescribing doctor. If for some reason you feel you are unable to discuss these concerns, then you should see big red flags in your mind telling you to change doctors. As a consumer of the medical “system” , I CAN tell you that it is at your own peril if you do not recognize that you cannot…..for whatever reason…..have an open discussion with your provider about your feelings and concerns. I say that because I have made that mistake. I have been there. I once thought that doctors were second only to Gods and viewed them as authority figures not to be questioned….. and it almost cost me my life. Second, if you feel that you have tried to bring your concerns to your doctor but you still do not understand his or her reasoning for prescribing the medication, again change doctors. Two way communication between health care practitioner and client/patient is the ONLY way that this broken medical system stands half a chance of working to the benefit of the consumer… Please remember that even though we are all intricately connected in a myriad of ways, there is still only one YOU and YOU know yourself better than anyone else, even if you don’t think so. Abdicating our personal responsibility for our own selves leads to further blame and victimization…..two things that benefit no one.

Drug companies use direct-to-prescriber advert...

Drug companies use direct-to-prescriber advertising in an effort to convince prescribers to dispense as written with brand-name products rather than generic drugs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t know whether your doctor is “right” in telling you to take a certain medication or not, but I DO know that your input in the matter is not only invaluable, it’s darn near vital. I am well aware that some of us have experienced traumas in our life or been indoctrinated in such a way that we feel unable to speak our minds, but this has to stop for the sake of our wholeness and ability to live a full, happy life. We all deserve to live our best life.   So please, talk to your health care provider, open up a dialog, and if you can’t or this does not work, then change your provider. It doesn’t matter how many times you try (you are not CRAZY for wanting to have a health care practitioner who listens to you), just that you find one.  It is YOUR life we are talking about here. There is only one YOU in this world and believe it or not…..YOU MATTER.

Prescription Pad

Prescription Pad (Photo credit: VCU Libraries)