We Are Not Alone. My Dad’s Beliefs In Extraterrestrials Finally Vindicated

My father passed away last year shortly before his 85th birthday. I grew up mesmerized watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Star Trek, and ET with my Dad. We had a subscription to Discover and Omni magazine and I would eagerly await him finishing the latest edition so I could devour it. I inherited my Dad’s love of space and science fiction and have fond memories of sneaking out my bedroom window to lay on the roof and stare at the sky.

I grew up with the belief that we are not alone in the universe; that extraterrestrial and extradimensional beings are not only real, but they have visited humans on earth. My father spent many hours reading books on the subject and encouraging me to do my own research on the issues. I shared his views and continued to investigate these areas even after his passing. Mainstream thinking would label us kooks or conspiracy theorists or tinfoil hat wearing nut-jobs….that is until now.

First came the release of the Navy “Tic Tac UFO” videos in the mainstream media. Then the revelation of the latest “UFO investigation” called AATIP. Just this week, mainstream media reported on 3 more US Senators receiving classified briefings from the Pentagon on unidentified aerial phenomenon. Add to that the revelation of patents for anti gravity flying craft granted to the Navy and guess what? We are not alone!

I am experiencing so many different emotions over the public disclosures of late. On one hand, I feel a sense of satisfaction that what my Dad had been saying all along is now acknowledged as true. On the other hand, I am angry that this has been hidden from us for so long. I’m excited to see public disclosure finally happening, but frustrated that it’s just dripping out very slowly. There are so many more questions than answers and it’s up to us…. everyday average people….to keep pressing on for the complete truth.

Politico: Senators receive classified UFO briefings

Metro: Navy patent for aircraft resembling UFO

Anti gravity patent

Washington Post: UFOs are real


Is The Secret Space Program Getting Legitimate Mainstream Media Attention?


The following article published this past week is startling and groundbreaking for it’s lack of ridicule and sarcasm in discussing the SSP and surpressed technology. Could this be further evidence that these unacknowledged secret programs exist? And does this support the theory that “white hats” in positions of influence and power are trying to seed the conscious awareness of the general public? I will let you decide for yourself. One thing is certain, a topic that usually is mocked by mainstream reporters is presented here in a rather factual manner, devoid of the sneering and scorn. It is interesting to note that the writer of this piece is the paper’s White House correspondent, not the journalist that I would normally associate with being assigned a piece like this. Hmm, I wonder if he has an inside track to Q? I encourage you to read this article, and then take it one step further and watch the newly released documentary ” Above Majestic”, and then do your own research.

Welcome to the rabbit hole! And you wonder why my blog is entitled “Well Call Me Crazy”! Keep on going!

Happy New Year everyone.

UFO conspiracy theorists see Space Force as evidence – Washington Times https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/dec/24/ufo-conspiracy-theorists-see-space-force-as-eviden/

Q Anon…… nothing to see here. #WWG1WGA
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