We Are Not Alone. My Dad’s Beliefs In Extraterrestrials Finally Vindicated

My father passed away last year shortly before his 85th birthday. I grew up mesmerized watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Star Trek, and ET with my Dad. We had a subscription to Discover and Omni magazine and I would eagerly await him finishing the latest edition so I could devour it. I inherited my Dad’s love of space and science fiction and have fond memories of sneaking out my bedroom window to lay on the roof and stare at the sky.

I grew up with the belief that we are not alone in the universe; that extraterrestrial and extradimensional beings are not only real, but they have visited humans on earth. My father spent many hours reading books on the subject and encouraging me to do my own research on the issues. I shared his views and continued to investigate these areas even after his passing. Mainstream thinking would label us kooks or conspiracy theorists or tinfoil hat wearing nut-jobs….that is until now.

First came the release of the Navy “Tic Tac UFO” videos in the mainstream media. Then the revelation of the latest “UFO investigation” called AATIP. Just this week, mainstream media reported on 3 more US Senators receiving classified briefings from the Pentagon on unidentified aerial phenomenon. Add to that the revelation of patents for anti gravity flying craft granted to the Navy and guess what? We are not alone!

I am experiencing so many different emotions over the public disclosures of late. On one hand, I feel a sense of satisfaction that what my Dad had been saying all along is now acknowledged as true. On the other hand, I am angry that this has been hidden from us for so long. I’m excited to see public disclosure finally happening, but frustrated that it’s just dripping out very slowly. There are so many more questions than answers and it’s up to us…. everyday average people….to keep pressing on for the complete truth.

Politico: Senators receive classified UFO briefings

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Frankenfood, Geo-engineering, And Polluted Medicine

Part Four of a Four Part Series

Have you seen the reports that have been released just this month? The Environmental Working Group just published data from their third round of testing on breakfast cereals and found high levels of the carcinogen glyphosate in all but two samples. The FDA quietly released study results showing that a group of “forever chemicals” called PFAS compounds in many different types of food including chocolate cake and icing. PFAS chemicals are poisonous to the immune system and not regulated.

The ongoing recall of blood pressure medication possibly containing cancer causing ingredients was expanded yet again this week. At the same time, we are seeing more brands of vitamins and supplements testing positive for contaminants to the point where major retailers like CVS are trying to assure the public that their requirement of third party purity testing should make us feel good about buying there. What’s a consumer to do? Who can we trust? We haven’t even talked about the issue of vaccines!

Well don’t look up for answers because new analysis of rainwater is now finding microplastics falling from the sky. That’s in addition to the aluminum and other toxic health particles that have been measured in rainwater for the last decade. Government agencies continue to deny geo-engineering, all while new secret documents and patents for space based weather manipulation are uncovered every day.

If we continue on this path, there won’t be anyone still alive to sound the alarm over the poisoning of our planet. We all need to realize our personal power and let our voices be heard. It only takes the coherence of one percent to start a ripple effect of change to the whole. What will you do?

Power And Control: The Reason Why Certain Sectors Have Amazing Breakthroughs And Others Are In The Stone Age

Part Three of a Four Part Series

The pharmaceutical industry along with the oil and gas industry are two of the most powerful sectors of our economy. The titans of these industries and other similar have a vested interest in keeping their wealth and power and growing it further, even if that means society suffers as a result. They use their economic power, lobbying and marketing, and manipulation of the media to discredit alternative research. They influence governments to maintain or expand the sales and distribution of their oft times deadly products. The power and control tactics used mirror the ones deployed by abusive spouses, only the general public are the victims in this case. It’s strategic, tactical, and premeditated.

Now let’s take a look at the flip side….. the amazing technological advances that have been made in the last century. New technology has utterly transformed communication and information. Children born in the last decade will be hard pressed to even imagine what their elders are talking about when describing the old days. Typewriters? Rotary phones? Paper maps? You get the picture. We now have refrigerators that are part of the internet of things that monitor our contents, reorder automatically when our food stock gets low, and have our delivery shipped by drone to our front door so that we can follow along with the recipe displayed on your virtual screen to whip up dinner!

So then why are we driving vehicles based on century old technology? Why are we slaves to prescription medication that we have to take for the rest of our lives in order to be “healthy”? Anyone with access to the internet can easily find examples of proposed technology for harnessing free energy and using the body’s own electromagnetic field to cure ailments going back decades. So why haven’t any of these proposed ideas been brought to mainstream reality in the last 100 years? Power and control. If the average person had access to free energy and cures that are natural as opposed to chemical, then the vast empire of wealth that ultimately dictates our reality would be out of business. And just like tyrant dictators of millennia past, they are going to do everything in their power to make sure that doesn’t happen.