I Am F R A N K I E And I Have D I D

I dunno why I am here. I dunno why I was born. I dunno why I have this really really bad pains and big sadnesses. I dunno why I have this pain. I dunno why he hurt me. I didint do any bad things so why he hurt me? He hurt me bad and nobody helps me.  I have other people who are inside my head here with me.  I didint  no most people didint have other people inside. A doctor man told me it is different and I am special. He said it is called D I D which is a nickname for a reel long word. I have a cool room the big girls made for me. The walls are like big fluffy pillows and the more scared I am the thicker the walls grow. My room is cool blue color and my bed has a cool heavy blanket that can stuff in all around me like a wrapper. And my room is quiet. I hate being the only boy and I keep asking for boy friends but nobody ever comes. Maybe if I can find a big boy to be my friend then I wont have to cry all the time anymore. The big girls mostly say it is okay if I cry because I am the one who is the holder for very big sadness. I dunno what that means but maybe the doctor man will help me. The doctor man says I am growing up and I do like that cause I was 3 for a long long time and now I am 8. I hope another boy will be my friend and talk to me cause I am 8 now.  The doctor man says maybe if I write this then some boy person will see this and answer me

Thank you.



3 thoughts on “I Am F R A N K I E And I Have D I D

  1. manyofus1980 says:

    Hi Frankie! I am sorry you hurt so much, sweetie. I am always here if you want to talk, you can email me ok? Love to you, and hugs, huge bear hugs…xxx Carol anne

  2. manyofus1980 says:

    hi Frankie I am evan and im 12 years old. carol anne says you are looking for a friend. well you can email me if you wanna. you can also join our did yahoogroup if you wanna? theres lots of kids on it. you’d be welcome and make loads of ffriends, I hope you might email me. love evan

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