Stay Tuned…..For Scenes From Last Month

I feel as though I have somehow abandoned my post, not having really contributed for the last month. As some of you may remember, I  succumbed to a bone infection in my jaw and needed surgery to eliminate the source. As it turned out, I needed two surgeries, quite painful ones at that. Through the process of sickness, surgery, and physical recovery, I fell off the mental recovery train and fell down the rabbit hole otherwise known as mental illness. The process of climbing out has been challenging and daunting at times and the sole reason I have not posted in many weeks.

I first want to send my sincere appreciation out to those of you who have commented and emailed with messages of support and hope. My online support system…..YOU…..has been instrumental in my mental health recovery process.

Second, I want to thank a few specific bloggers that bestowed this site with a few awards. I hope you know that being nominated for them by you makes me both thrilled, validated, and humbled.  I apologize for not being in the right mindset to acknowledge and thank you when you first nominated my blog. But, I didn’t forget so better late than never.  THE LOVELY BLOG AWARD from Leanne who posts with great insight and care at  Thank you Leanne!  REALITY BLOG AWARD from Cristi M. who posts items that are simple and interesting as well as revealing at Thank you Cristi!  I will do my best to fulfill the requirements of each of these awards in the very near future. I opened my WordPress account today with over 1,500 posts in my reader to catch up on, as I follow over 100 exceptional blogs on a regular basis. I hope that I have not unintentionally overlooked any other nominations.  I beg forgiveness for needing to play catch up.

Finally, as this is World Mental Health Day, I want to acknowledge all the people who inspire and encourage me in my recovery from Dissociative Identity Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Major Depressive Disorder. It is because of you, individually and collectively, that I can now see a bright future for myself and have the personal mission to do my best to empower others in their quest for joy, meaning, and wholeness in their lives.

Our world seems to operate from a cultural model of “control over” or “power over” others. I intend to be one small voice in the effort to shift this paradigm to one of non-violation where we accept that ALL of us are distinct and unique but nonetheless united and the same. In order to be a voice for good, I feel we need to recognize and respect our differences. We need to understand that conflict is not bad, but violence against one another is. Mostly, we must realize that we are all connected and what is done to one of us, it is done to all.

Namaste my friends. Stay tuned.

While you’re waiting…..good reads on World Mental Health Day.


14 thoughts on “Stay Tuned…..For Scenes From Last Month

  1. Welcome back! I’m so glad you made it through.

  2. Sounds like you’ve had a ‘tough’ time of late… I’m so glad you’re feeling better. I really enjoyed reading you post, and I’d like to read more, so I’m going to ‘follow’ you..! 🙂

  3. Melanie says:

    Good to see you writing again. You have a talent. And, return thanks to you for all your comments and support on my blog.

  4. Bourbon says:

    Take care of you. Your poor jaw 😦 xx

  5. Md. Alsanda says:

    Thank you.for passing by.

  6. Thanks for reading my “Him, a Scary Story” poem.

    Will enlighten with your posts and pray for your healthfilled days ahead. Shalom, dear one. Warm hugs. . .(((wellcallmecrazy))) 🙂

  7. Thanks for ‘liking’ “Is Life A Bowl of Cherries?” I’ve been in many a ditch. Once you have your physical strength back it is easier to mentally climb out and resolve to avoid ditches…just saying, Hope you feel my hug.

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