We Teach

Although the theme of this post emphasizes the importance of teaching others how to treat us, it also tells a courageous and sadly common personal story. I hope you find it as meaningful and cautionary as I did. Artyelf, the author, possesses a unique ability to stir one’s soul.


2 thoughts on “We Teach

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Excellent read, CallMeCrazy, excellent. The psychiatrist is unforgiveable. I would have been mortified too, TOTALLY. I would not have wanted to see him again. It has taken me LITERALLY DECADES to brave to see a psych, to tell what is within me that jars, aches, and if I found my life was a pub story…. unforgiveable.

  2. wartica says:

    Great quote to live life by; it will only make all of our days here, so much more enjoyable:)

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