Why Do I Need To Take Psych Meds If I Don’t Want To?

Meds (song)

Meds (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am writing this unusually short post in response to several emails I have received in the past 48 hours. The question being asked is “My doctor wants me to take X (substitute X with any of the psych meds available by prescription) and I don’t want to. Should I take it?”

Here are my thoughts on this…..First let me state for the record that I am not a doctor of medicine. Second, I don’t know what I don’t know…..and that pertains to the reader’s life circumstances and the acknowledgement that I am not an expert in pharmaceuticals. With that said, here is my answer. NO! Did everyone hear that? NO!!! Why? Because if YOU have concerns, you should feel free to discuss these concerns with  the prescribing doctor. If for some reason you feel you are unable to discuss these concerns, then you should see big red flags in your mind telling you to change doctors. As a consumer of the medical “system” , I CAN tell you that it is at your own peril if you do not recognize that you cannot…..for whatever reason…..have an open discussion with your provider about your feelings and concerns. I say that because I have made that mistake. I have been there. I once thought that doctors were second only to Gods and viewed them as authority figures not to be questioned….. and it almost cost me my life. Second, if you feel that you have tried to bring your concerns to your doctor but you still do not understand his or her reasoning for prescribing the medication, again change doctors. Two way communication between health care practitioner and client/patient is the ONLY way that this broken medical system stands half a chance of working to the benefit of the consumer…..you. Please remember that even though we are all intricately connected in a myriad of ways, there is still only one YOU and YOU know yourself better than anyone else, even if you don’t think so. Abdicating our personal responsibility for our own selves leads to further blame and victimization…..two things that benefit no one.

Drug companies use direct-to-prescriber advert...

Drug companies use direct-to-prescriber advertising in an effort to convince prescribers to dispense as written with brand-name products rather than generic drugs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t know whether your doctor is “right” in telling you to take a certain medication or not, but I DO know that your input in the matter is not only invaluable, it’s darn near vital. I am well aware that some of us have experienced traumas in our life or been indoctrinated in such a way that we feel unable to speak our minds, but this has to stop for the sake of our wholeness and ability to live a full, happy life. We all deserve to live our best life.   So please, talk to your health care provider, open up a dialog, and if you can’t or this does not work, then change your provider. It doesn’t matter how many times you try (you are not CRAZY for wanting to have a health care practitioner who listens to you), just that you find one.  It is YOUR life we are talking about here. There is only one YOU in this world and believe it or not…..YOU MATTER.

Prescription Pad

Prescription Pad (Photo credit: VCU Libraries)

16 thoughts on “Why Do I Need To Take Psych Meds If I Don’t Want To?

  1. LizEccentric7 says:

    Wow, they are asking the same questions I think and goes along with my post. The prescription drug problem is huge. I found out that teens are abusing prescription drugs where I live and it’s common. I had no clue. I heard the teens are doing everything they can to get Adderal in order to be thin. This shocks me. Great post, as usual.

  2. What a great discussion topic. Another great post! About a year ago I had some weird pain that started suddenly in my jaw and face. They were like strong very painful shocks. After a couple days I couldnt stand it anymore so I went to the hospital. It took the doctor less than 5 minutes to diagnose me with Trigemenial Neuralgia and perscribe me with some weird medicine that he said I would have to take for the rest of my life (some extremely EXPENSIVE medication) and I would just have to “deal with it”. I should note he never took my bp, checked my heart rate or even gave me an exam. I told he what was wrong and he pulled out his perscription pad. The meds made me feel drunk. After 2 days and bashing in to many walls I had enough. I went to a walk in clinic and described my symptoms. As soon as she looked in my nose, ears and throat she laughed. I had a sinus infection, an ear infection and a viral infection in my glands. She couldnt believe the other doc had done. One round of antibiotics later, I was all better.

    I am glad I got a second opinion!

    This is a great discussion topic. People need to know that doctors are pushed by pharmaceutical companies to sell their products. Its a money game, not a health game.

    • Thank heaven you got a second opinion! Big pharma is in the business of making money first and foremost. Sadly, there are health care practitioners that are also in the business of making money first and foremost. Although I do not have any prejudice against the desire to make money, I do have a problem when that becomes priority number one. When our moral compass is guided by capitalism instead of love we are all in trouble.

  3. This an absolutely brilliant blog…well done callmecrazy…..I see no crazy, I see a clear thinking wonderful person. Great advice.

  4. You are right in speaking out and deciding which works for your body. Doctor’s are there to help in the best they know how but it is us who knows our body the best. If we feel that there’s something wrong then for sure there is something wrong. Great post. Thanks.

    • Thanks for the comment. My wish is for all of us to recognize and use our personal power. It took me almost half a century to figure this out, but now that I know better, I try to do better.

  5. Sorry forgot to add I nominated you for THE LOVELY BLOG AWARD. Congrats and keep on blogging. Regards Leanne xxx

  6. SprinklinThoughts says:

    A great post and an important topic/issue. I could fill several pages with personal examples of how doctors have failed… psych, internal, and even basic stuff like x-rays & fractures. But I’ll keep my contribuiotn short…
    I used to have a doctor friend. He told me they (the clinic where he worked) had put them on a 20 minute per patient schedule and because of “budget constraints” wanted to move to 15 and then 10 minutes. Basically he said that it is not possible to do a proper analysis in 15 minutes, or even 20 (and this guy almost killed my daughter because of this – and we’re no longer friends). The whole thing is an assembly line.
    First step off the line: I am NOT a consumer! I am a human, being.

  7. Tina says:

    “I am well aware that some of us have experienced traumas in our life or been indoctrinated in such a way that we feel unable to speak our minds, but this has to stop for the sake of our wholeness and ability to live a full, happy life. We all deserve to live our best life.” Well said ! I couldn’t agree with you more! Just an excellent post overall 🙂

  8. positivepollyanna says:

    I really appreciate this post! As someone who parallels both psychology and spirituality (but not a doctor…yet hehe), I just wanted to add a few words from my point of view that might be helpful! I am someone who definitely promotes natural and/or holistic healing modalities, but there are certain times when medication can be very beneficial or even necessary depending on the person.

    The most important thing someone can do is to find a therapist that mirrors their value, ethical, and belief systems. Also, be up front with your doctor about your preferences. Most people look for a quick fix, which is the medications; but if your doctor knows ahead of time you want to try everything else first, that helps your doctor create a treatment program tailored to your needs. If you’re unhappy with a treatment program, get a second opinion!

    These are important things to look at as well when considering medication: are the symptoms you are experiencing disrupting your life, your relationships, your financial stability, causing you to act unlike yourself (IE: outbursts, rage episodes, suicidal thoughts, etc.), or are you at risk for losing everything that means something to you? If the answers are yes to these questions, it might be a good thing to consider taking medications in the short term so you can maintain your life just until your doctor can help you with long term therapies that take a little longer to be effective.

    No matter what, it is a personal decision and you need to be respected for your choices. The most important thing is asking the question and being able to objectively look at what it is you truly need. Thank you so much for this post, and I’m sorry this is such a long comment! hehe Much love and Go In Peace 🙂

    • There is no such thing, in my book, as a comment that is too long. Thanks for your input. I agree that sometimes, for some people, some medications are helpful and provide benefits that surpass the risks. I am mostly advocating personal power, and urging all of us to find practitioners that demonstrate their respect for our opinions and questions. Sounds like you are on your way to becoming one of those practitioners officially…..way to go!

      • positivepollyanna says:

        Hehe thank you 🙂 I completely agree! Maintaining your personal power is the most important thing; it’s your life and you have to live with the consequences. It is so important for everyone to empower themselves and take control of their own lives. I love what you are advocating and I think that is so important for people to hear! Good lookin’ out 😉 hehe

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    One will be chosen, many wlll enter. Do you have what it takes to win the “history challenge” post?

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