What Would You Do If The Blue Sky Above You Exploded?

Visualize the following scene: It’s a gorgeous weekday morning, unseasonably mild with a cool gentle breeze and a bright clear blue sky. You have just finished breakfast and cleaning up the family’s dishes and have the luxury of fifteen extra minutes to spare before the start of your busy scheduled day. You are tempted by the beauty being displayed out your patio door and decide to revel in what mother nature has provided. You take a fresh cup of hot aromatic coffee (decaf of course) and decide to relax on your lounge chair outside…..soaking it all in. As you sit on your porch and gaze at the sky, a sense of comfort and peace envelopes you and you breathe in deeply the fresh summer air. Then, in an instant, your vista is transformed. The blue sky above you appears to break open…..explode even….. and hundreds, no millions, of  tiny white vibrating lights flood your vision. You blink, you rub your eyes…..but they are still there. And they are moving…..rapidly. You try to simultaneously orient yourself and make sense of what you are seeing. Your body tenses and your breathing rate becomes rapid. In seconds that feel like hours, your peripheral vision seems to go black. Out of the corner of your eyes, a black field jaggedly works its way towards the center of your perception. Panic…..Fear…..Confusion.

What would you do?

Such is the experience that began my day this past Wednesday. I will detail in my next post how this affected me and what my thought processes were…..so stay tuned. Until then, I am curious…..what would you do? What thoughts would you be having? Who would you talk to and where would you go? Why? Share this with friends and family and see what they would do.  I’m looking forward to your responses!





9 thoughts on “What Would You Do If The Blue Sky Above You Exploded?

  1. utesmile says:

    This is an interesting scenario. As a very calm person, I usually do not panic, but be quiet and think about the situation. In this case I would talk to my friends, and listen to other people. Usually in panic situations you get to know the people around you even if they have been around you for years, but funny enough in a situation which affects all people stick together, which is great. Looking forward to your next post.

  2. It’s a great question, what would I do….I’d probably get myself to a doctor and ask why my vision was causing this phenomena? 🙂 I don’t know but if it’s not a health issue goodness me????? Leanne

  3. PS You weren’t drinking were you :)…..just thinking out loud here and I forgot to say thanks for coming to my site, I really appreciate it.

  4. Breathe. Then as a guy I know likes to say: “What is the universe trying to tell me?” Then wait for the answer. It always comes.

  5. Honestly – I haven’t got a clue what I would do … rapid heartbeat … mouth hanging open … hmmm …. ? !

  6. jason says:

    I see them too. there are always so many. they look like worms in the crawling through the fabric of space. they glow a little bit when u can see them. they are easiest seen in the sky but sometimes i see them everywhere. as for the jagged darkness i get that when i focus my vision on something. i also have an additional ‘symptom’ , i guess, when i focus my vision space looks like its being warped like a curtain in a light breeze, or the surface of water slightly disturbed. thats all i got let me know what you think.

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